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About our Company

My name is John Spencer. I am the President and CTO of Jaguar Data Systems Inc., a business originally created in 1991 in order to serve the needs of smaller companies that did not have an in-house IT Department. Since that time, our customers have included businesses both large and small, mainly involved with the construction industry.

We now have 35+ years of development and support experience primarily using the Business Basic development environment. With this experience, we are able to provide solutions to a variety of clients across various business lines.

Our strongest skills and experience are in the construction business, specifically with job costing and payroll operations. We also have significant experience with Accounting Systems, EDI, ACH and other electronic commerce applications.

The primary software we work with is called PvxPlus ©, formerly known as Providex ®. Please visit their site for a comprehensive description of this powerful product. This is one of the most advanced software development environments available today. Using PvxPlus you can maintain one version of your software - and run it on multiple platforms including servers, desktops, notepads and smart phones. You can truly write it once and run it anywhere.

We specialize in custom application development - enabling you to tailor your system to your unique needs - and we use PvxPlus to create the specific, customized solutions that mirror your business practices. This development environment provides us with a stable, state-of-the-art platform that we utilize to ensure your needs are met. You know your business best - and we create software designed and created to fit your exact specifications and standards.

We are tremendously gifted in trouble-shooting, customer service and end-user support. We have a can-do attitude that has served us well in creating new ways of accomplishing time-consuming IT tasks, delivering results on time and on budget. We look forward to discussing your needs with you. Thank you.